About us

Get to know Poet & Scribe

We're a small web-focused design agency and leadership-focused coaching practice in Raleigh, North Carolina. We work virtually with clients & customers wherever they may be; locally & globally.

We founded Poet & Scribe in early 2022, after working for over a decade at Booking.com, one of the largest e-commerce & travel companies in the world. Our multidisciplinary careers enable us to solve problems with significant impact on both your desired & defined personal & professional goals. We truly care about our customers and want to see your business take off.

Our Mission

Share the knowledge & use the learnings we've gathered from leading & working with thousands of diverse people & roles from almost every continent.

Using our Learnings

We design, build, and improve things for other businesses & organizations; moving away from the closed, walled gardens, striving towards a more open, independent, and accessible internet.

Sharing our Knowledge

We coach, mentor, and connect people inside the design & tech industries, nurturing a more generous, empathetic, and inclusive version of management & leadership.

Get to know the people

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Sandra IbaƱez


Sandra, she/her, has built her 11-year career in Tech & Leadership by effectively using her empathy, organizational skills, focus on quality of service, and meticulous attention to detail for customers, teams, and business partners.

With Poet & Scribe, she's excited to help businesses & leaders grow holistically, bringing clients along the journey towards solutions they need to build better businesses. She makes sure clients stay happy and that we can always pay our bills.

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Jonathan Stephens


Jonathan, he/him, began his 15-year career in Design, Tech, & Leadership at N.C. State's College of Design. He uses his tenacity, insatiable curiosity, focus on collaboration & inclusion, and eagerness to identify possibilities & practical paths forward; with whoever, on whatever.

With Poet & Scribe, he's excited to support businesses & leaders define success while discovering their unique stories, strengths, & strategies. He makes sure clients feel included & informed throughout the process working together.

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